1. Property365 Marketing (Property365) will issue payments upon successful referrals, when the referred person signs the bank’s loan agreement and Sale and Purchase Agreement (SPA) for purchase of unit(s) of selected projects.
  2. Amount for referral cash reward and its validity differ from project to project.
  3. Property365 will perform the necessary due diligence to check on referred person’s purchase.
  4. Referrer must provide all required personal details in the Property365 member online dashboard before he/she can begin referring. This is to facilitate a smoother process upon successful referrals.
  5. An individual can only be referred once per project.
  6. The entry of a referrer who refers himself/herself will be deemed invalid and will not be accepted.
  7. Referrer will be informed of successful referrals and cheque must be collected at Property365’s office within 30 days of notification. During collection, referrer must bring along his/her passport or identification card for verification purposes.
  8. Property365 reserves the right to refuse payment should the referrer provide dubious documents and/or information.
  9. Property365 reserves the right to suspend or terminate a referrer's account if he/ she provides incomplete or incorrect required information of referred persons. If there is suspicious behaviour on the required information/ personal details provided, Property365 will also suspend or terminate said referrer's account.
  10. In the event that a successful referral comes from two different referrers, the person who referred first will be given the reward.
  11. Property365 reserves the right to conduct any activities for the Property365 Referral Programme and use them for publicity purposes.
  12. Property365 reserves the right to remove any project in the Property365 Referral e-Marketplace without prior notice. In the event the project has been removed from the Property365 Referral e-Marketplace, no referral cash reward will be awarded to the referrer for any purchase of unit by the referred persons from the developer directly and/or from any other platform.
  13. Property365 reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.